BSEB Bihar Board Scrutiny Fees , BSEB Inter Scrutiny Result 2017 for JEE Mains Pass.  Scrutiny Fees Return of 50 Rupees. New Application Fees for Scrutiny in Bihar Board Result 2017.

BSEB Scrutiny Fees Reduced from 120 to 70

Bihar Board Inter scrutiny fees of Rs. 120/- per subject is reduced to Rs. 70/-. After the demonstration of BSEB Inter fail students in Bihar at various places, the BSEB head Anand Kishore announced that the Bihar Board Scrutiny Fees for Class 12 will be reduced to Rs. 70/- per subject. Candidates who have submitted the earlier application fees ie Rs. 120/- per subject, will get their money back. Money will be refunded in the same account from which the fees was submitted.

BSEB Scrutiny Result 2017

Candidates who are declared successful in JEE Mains will get their BSEB Inter Scrutiny Result 2107 by 15th of June. Result of the students will get it by 30th June. There are many students who are declared pass in JEE Mains exam result 2017 but were declared fail in Class 12 Result.

Scrutiny Fees

It is important to mention here that the Bihar Board Result 2017 for Class 12 was the least in last past several years. Its about 36% and the students are continuously demonstrating against the board and Bihar State Government. It may in response of the Students agitation and the demonstration that the BSEB Bihar Board Scrutiny Fees Reduced to 70/- rupees per subject.